女權/女性 -主義與工作市場
Feminism and the Job Market

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From the seventh issue of the online journal Women and Gender in China, LIU Ye’s interviews with male and female students contemplating entry into the job market. In particular, LIU observed a disconnect between the concerns that young women had relating to job opportunities, and how likely they felt it was that feminist groups could address these issues.

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Our female respondents were vocal about gender inequality in the job market. Their stories include daily sexism, a lack of opportunities in the labour market and ‘female liabilities’. For example, CHENG Xiaonan, a 20-year old undergraduate studying Business, was frustrated by the fact that women were constantly reduced to economic measures, productivity and efficiency in her Economics lectures. She was appalled that women’s responsibilities in the private sphere, including child-rearing, were completely bypassed in the external male-dominated rhetoric of competitiveness, cost and returns. Xiaonan believed that she was living in a very unequal society, where women were under-valued and under-appreciated and were increasingly subject to positional competition with men.

When I asked about whether feminist movements would be effective in promoting gender equality, the interviewees were suddenly withdrawn.

— from “Views on Campus: Feminism and the Job Market" by LIU Ye


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Feminism and the Job Market”