sexy cyborg Naomi WU’s apron

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Naomi WU is self-described as “Mainland China’s only female Maker hobbyist since 2015″. She has been widely discussed in the maker world, and for her that is not just about taking technology into her own hands, but embracing it as a means towards doing and being what she likes.

“Coding was always about freedom, I can do this work at home, take care of myself, be who I like and dress how I like. Sometimes the thing we love about our work is just that it lets us do the things we love.”

– Naomi Wu, “For this Chinese Reddit Bombshell, Tech is Sexy“, Forbes

2018年3月25日 also recently featured on the Vice Motherboard: “Shenzhen’s Homegrown Cyborg


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sexy cyborg Naomi WU’s apron”