<em>Daughter of the Dragon</em> starring Anna May Wong, 1931
from Chinese in Minnesota, c. 1890

wearing time, piercing time

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Upon accepting the Welt Literature Prize in Berlin in November 2016, novelist Zadie Smith said, “Time travel is a discretionary art: a pleasure trip for some and a horror story for other." 穿時空這種技巧要自由裁量的:對某一些人來說是一件快事,對另外一些人是個恐怖故事。

對我來說那種幻想是一片霧,到了第三代的移民者,任何穿越也也只能從她/他者的座位看別人的歷史路過的東西。 我們錯過。"What would I have been and what would I have done — or more to the point, what would have been done to me — in 1360, in 1760, in 1860, in 1960?"


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wearing time, piercing time”