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Infrastructures of Empire and Resistance

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quoted from Deborah Cowen

original text published by Verso, 25 January 2017

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法國加來的“森林”難民營灰色經濟 —>


A focus on infrastructure insists that we ask how power works, in its most mundane and practical ways. And such a focus heeds the insights of feminist thought on the centrality of social reproduction and its gendered and racialized labors to the reproduction or transformation of the social order.


…more than 450 US churches are responding to Trump’s promised expansion of border infrastructure by declaring that they will act as “Trump-era underground railroad” for undocumented immigrants. In doing so they embrace some of the most striking features of prior fugitive infrastructures; they are assembled to do different things, for different people, and according to different systems of value. In doing all this, they offer a different orientation to space, time and legality. ‘Transnational infrastructure’ may sound like the domain of big oil or big states, yet alternative infrastructures often embrace relations and material forms that do not fit a national territorial mold; their form may be networked, urban, or digital.


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Infrastructures of Empire and Resistance”