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* 注:在这里强调feminisms的复数性,我们在这里寻找的“女权主义”不一定是我们之前已定义的东西。


Labour. Capital. Institution: A Forum on Feminisms
3 & 4 July, 2015
98Weeks Research Space
co-organised with Sidsel Nelund

        Within the current research topic of 98weeks, A Forum on Feminisms focuses on labour and its relation to capital, domesticity and institutions. At this specific moment, there is a growing economy of domestic work and migratory flows significant not only for a Lebanese context. Simultaneously, Beirut is experiencing an increase in new art institutions and we see that women constitute a precarious part of the work force upon which the art world functions. As art institutions continuously reproduce this exploitation, we would like to critically ask: How can we think of underpaid women in the art world in the frame of a larger history of un(der)paid domestic work?
        To address this question, we have invited scholars, artists, activists, curators and researchers to focus on the topics of Capital and Institutions over two days. We wish to encourage engagement of participants and have allocated slots of open discussion at the end of each day.
Sidsel Nelund is an art writer and theorist living and working in Copenhagen.


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